Froggy Laundry Powder

Froggy Laundry Powder

Froggy Laundry Powder

Cleans all the way to the fibre!

This special blend of all natural, solvents, surfactants and salts dissolves quickly in cold water, then rinses thoroughly - leaving no residue behind to make your clothes stiff and irritating. Great for children's clothes and those who have allergies or sensitive skin.

It's the size of a coffee bag and does 75 normal loads!

Just 1 TBSP of Froggy Laundry Powder is required for fresh, clean clothes (even less in high efficiency machines!). Less powder - less rinsing.  Good for the environment - great for the pocketbook!

Here's the scoop on Froggy Laundry Powder:

  • Contains no Phosphates, Lye, Bleach, Dyes, Brighteners or Perfume.
  • Internationally certified as biodegradable and safe for the environment.
  • Septic Safe.

Tests show this laundry powder to:

  • have a higher rinse-ability compared with leading brands.
  • improve the fire retardant properties of children's polyester sleepwear!
  • improve the performance of anti-wick wear and weather-proofing material.

Effective for both home and office use, removing the toughest stains like sweat and blood from hospital linens yet safe for delicate lingerie and baby's clothes - even diapers!

Description: 1.2 kg bag

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